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nixtr81, Female 34
About Me
Hi, I'm Nix and I am a body piercer. I have a dry and crude sense of humour, it keeps me happy. Don't send a request if you don't have a photo or any info about you on your profile- you ridiculous fool! I Enjoy reading and sports, playing and watching, all except for golf and cricket on account of them not being sports ;-) I am a mother of one, and you need not apply if you don't like kids. Also, if you are easily offended I wouldn't chat with me. I do not have Skype and I'm not going to give you my number or address after 5 minutes either. If you can't spell don't bother contacting me, it won't work, I dont have the time nor the inclination to decipher messages, also, how am I supposed to reply to "lol"? Write a proper message, ask me something, divulge information, speak! And no, I don't care if you're horny. Happy hunting!
sleep, having fun, most sports, horror, my boy xxx, pole dancing, Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Travel
Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom