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FitnFun59, Male 56
About Me
Hi, after being Divorced for quite some time now I am ready to get on the mystery tour of dating. I have been employed in the Construction Industry for some time, involving the supervising of Tower Cranes that you see on large Construction Sites. I have just recently transferred to Brisbane with work, so I guess a new chapter begins. I was actually born and raised in the Country and went to Boarding School in Melbourne. After finishing yr 12, I did 6mths of College before deferring to go and work on the OffShore Oil Rigs. I keep myself very fit going to the gym regularly along with cardio work outs. I am considered by my family and friends to have a good sense of humour with a very quick and dry wit. I am an old romantic at heart and believe that chivalry is not dead or dying, I know how to be a gentleman, mix well in any company, love good conversation on varied topics and I am very considerate of other's needs."It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice". I have been accused of being too generous and giving but if that's my worst trait I'll accept it. I believe in good manners and don`t like rude or offensive people or people that are cruel to animals. Like most people I like going out for dinner and enjoy trying various foods. I love to get away on weekends no matter what time of year. I have travelled overseas and to most parts of Australia with Perth and far north Queensland definitely, two favourites. I enjoy taking a longer break a couple of times a year to recharge the mind and body and catch up on a bit of reading and relaxation. It is hard to sell oneself in such a few words, I would find it a lot easier chatting over a coffee or even a nice red.
Dining Out, Weekend Getaways, Fishing, Horse Riding, Animals, History, AFL & Cricket, Current Affairs/Politics, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia