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careforeve70, Male 41
About Me
I truely don't know where to start and where to end as life is like a river having no beginning or ending strip. I am a gentle, kind, loving, quite, honest, romantic, workaholic person. Saying so I am not the most honest person on this earth, as I am no way near god the perfectionist. I am from a simple humble family and strive hard in my life to become something in lif by which I could contribute to the society in general. I believe in Kama as to what goes around comes back around. Hence I tend to be too good to others at times with a very helpful nature. I love children, music, dance at times when my legs are strong, gardening, a long drive, I have a good dressing sense at times, tidy my hobby and cooking. Also I love pets. I aspire someone in my life is hi is not very beautiful to look but caring and loving as that's the one which takes you together in life on a long run and not eternal beauty. Also I love someone with curves but without attitude. Looking forward to meet someone and take them on a carpet full of roses in life with a pinch of thorns at times as life is not all time beautiful and mingles with ups and downs. Surely but not eagerly I do would like to let know I would be together at all times as a supportive pillar. Happy to I take someone on board having kids if needed. I am a qualified person with a masters and a decent living. Loves pets but not all pets only dogs, cats and birds.
love kids, family oriented, gardening, handy man, walking, dancing, gym, Tantric sex erotic massage, Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Granville, New South Wales, Australia