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Bmenz, Male 57
About Me
I live on the edge of the famous and beautiful, BAROSSA VALLEY PHOTO--OCTOBER 2014 I have an unconditional friend and lover, in my case a “RED DOG” KELPIE named SCARLET. Hi. I'm !!!!!!!.....bc. Please have a read......It’s quite a story.....I know it's epic......YOU might just be surprised/YOU might not.......I know this is not meant to be my MEMOIRS, but there is so much to tell to, that SPECIAL SOMEONE, to attract, and eventually I will !!!!!!! If you start reading this and think "who is ...
OZ and all it has to offer/Cities, nice to visit/Better in the rear vision mirror., Realizing all our dreams and aspirations., Horticulture--Passing on my knowledge & expertise, to the not so fortunate.enquiringkids Girl scouts., My dog.SCARLET..Enjoyed SURFERS highrise manytimes, Fishing with you scaling & gutting..LOL, Respect & dignity.....ditto in a relationship, Respect & Dignity & Justice FOR ALL, FUN-Of all kinds within the law most of the time, Camping--5 star to Camper to tent, Fine wine with BBQ & I mean fine. Red, Leader/SONS ROCK BAND/AESTHETIC AMOROUS/FBOOK/LIKE, Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia