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Swetbbbebe001, Female 54
About Me
I am very friendly, executive, neat, decent, very responsible, purposeful, independent, caring. I am romantic, charming, sexy. I want to find love and positive emotions. The most beautiful thing in life is a reliable and trusted friend, beloved man, whom I want to find in this world to live a long and happy life in which there is love. I believe that you have to choose your own ideals. It is important for me to love and to loved. I like the risk - it gives life brightness. I live by this, but do not forget about the future. I have a keen sense of good and bad people. I understand when people lie to me and when not. I just love to bring happiness to people. I have a sense of humor, taste, tact and measure. I have no bad habits. I strive for personal growth and self-improvement. I am sociable. I love children and animals. Sometimes I am very strict towards work. I make quick decisions in critical situations. I am able to combine determination and gentleness, prudence and sincerity.
Cooking, Music, Reading
Gastonia, North Carolina, United States