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Gonzales5296, Male 58
About Me
A loyal Relationship with me is wholesome, rewarding and can last a lifetime. I try to know the way to a woman's heart. I'm very affectionate/passionate. I love to laugh out loud, care for others. I love passionate kissing, gentleness, campfires, anywhere near water, bathtubs, good food, massages, touching, affection. I love to hug. I give to those I love. Am Very confident with my personality towards others and my decisions I choose to make throughout my life who has made me who I am up until now, I enjoy my career and definitely passionate about what I do Someone told me the other day that I am an enigma wrapped up in a riddle LOL. I had to laugh because think that when most people meet me the first thing they think is basically what you see, is what you get. I am a highly social gregarious, loyal, funny, energetic, honest, kind, loving, sensual, monogamous man. I am looking ultimately for an absolute true committed lasting love, someone to believe in, to trust with our whole hearts without any reservation whatsoever, someone I can admire and respect and count on. Someone, I can tell anything to and you won't hold it against me. Trust. I define that person as my soulmate. I thrive on a union of "we", as best friends, always there for each other. I'm looking for the whole package. I am successful in my career. I am emotionally secure and happy with life! I make a great friend and partner, and I would describe myself as anything but needy. In fact, I am fairly independent and would love to find someone who can celebrate that independence. I believe with good communication and trust a relationship should complement you, rather than change you. I also believe that all truly great relationships start with a great friendship. I enjoy golf (much room for improvement!), good wine and conversation, seeing new places, occasional trips to Tahoe and Reno (guess why :), reading. Like cruises and would like to do some more traveling. At this point in my life I am who I am and likewise am not into changing someone else. I think it's important for there to be some chemistry between two people. I love great music, I like to golf (I'm really bad at it), Oscar-winning movies, partying, dining out, and spending time together. I'm a very giving person - I love to make people feel comfortable and loved. I'm also a night owl and love to sleep in sometimes. Attractiveness, sensuality, passion, loyalty, supportiveness, honesty, trust, friendship, respect, compatibility and a good sense of humor are important for a lasting relationship. Whatever your desire - look beyond yourself, look into a world of fun love, passion, strength in a relationship that is solid and secure with true friendship, loyalty - a sexy relationship full of fun, excitement, truth, and trust, look for FOREVER, TOGETHER. That's what I want in YOU
Cooking, Health and Fitness, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Walnut Creek, California , United States