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The proposal
I joined Oasis looking for the perfect one, and now that I have we are in a relationship and have fallen in love, I will be asking her to marry me in 2 months, Thanks Oasis!
Everything happens for a reason...
Having been single for a (very) short time, and working away from home, I decided to distract myself from the boredom of a hotel room by joining a dating site for some innocent flirtation. Google came back to my search of 'free dating sites' with Oasis at the top of the page.

Adding a quirky little message and my best profile picture, and feeling slightly self-conscious, I set up my profile.

Scrolling through all the recommended profiles I came across one that particularly stood out to me, on the first page. His description pretty much matched my requirement; his picture was sexy and cute. Going with it, I clicked 'flirt'. I actually thought ‘he is way out of my league’.

To my surprise he flirted right back that night and within the week we were chatting nightly. Two weeks brought texting, phone calls and our first date (complete with a friend lined up to save me, 'just in case'), and we really hit it off.

Fast forward 8 months and we are still going strong, we have enjoyed a romantic holiday to Ibiza (yes romantic!), which is where the picture is taken. Next year we are looking forward to a trip to New York and moving in together.

It just goes to show, after years of bad relationships, real love and happiness does exist. Thanks to Oasis, and a little bit of fate!
Best buddies for life!
Well after many, many, many unsuccessful actual dates, we decided to go on a friend date about a year ago! We’d both put on that we were looking for female friends in the area as well as romance.

We added each other on good old facebook and got chatting and to cut a long story short we're now best mates and basically inseparable and have been for a year! My lovely friend is also my birthing partner as the babies dad (not through oasis!) is not about anymore!
I met my lovely fiancée on this site. I just clicked on interest when I saw his photo straight away I knew he was the one. We chatted for just two weeks and decided to meet up.

When we met on our first date everything went smoothly and met up a couple of times until we felt we couldn't live apart so we moved in together.

As of now we are engaged and we couldn't be happier our wedding is next year and already expecting our first child.

Thanks oasis a million times
Love at first sight
We really didn’t believe it could happen, but on our first meeting, we both fell in love, we would never have met, if it wasn’t for Oasis, both of us would like to thank you, for making this possible.
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