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wishmeluck43, Male 56
About Me
..PLZ DO NOT MAKE CONTACT WITH ME UNLESS YOUR 100% DECENT AND HAVE PICTURES OF YOURSELF, NO PICS NO CONTACT! YOU MUST HAVE HAVE GOOD MORALS AND STANDARDS, NOT PREJUDICE ! RACIST! OR ANYTHING 2 DO WITH DRUGS! OR DRUG CULTURED, I AM NOT AFRAID OF KITCHEN-WORK AND COOKING,PERSONAL AND HOME CLEANNESS IS A MUST WITH ME, I ALSO LIKE TO LEARN ABOUT OTHER COUNTRY'S AND CULTURES, I'm good natured,Jovial,Humbled by Humility and Compassion, value both Eastern and Western Traditions and always see the Bright side of life in most situations and Endeavour to put other people first and try to see the person with-in the outer skin,I Count myself Very Fortunate in the sense of having good health and this is the best Wealth that i possess,other than True Friends and Family,I'm a Considerate,British Indian,fairly Educated can hold my Own in a Conversation so feel free 2 come and try lol,I like Alternative medicine because its work's and I'm proof of it, as I'v been through a lot of ill Health, Bad Luck,Trauma and depression due to loss of both parents,and getting over Separation from X but now I'm 100% better now Yes! Health-wise and now seek a fresh start towards a Relationship, my other hobbies are as follows, pool/snooker, outdoor and indoor sports socializing,reading,travelling cooking, herbs,Spices,Gardening,walks,Cinema,Music,Nature + wildlife D.i.y Auction's + must be very Hygienic as this is a must" with me,I'm not afraid to show my true feelings or hold hands,share and care for and give proper quality time to that Special and Important Prospected person, false Improper! Profiles and liars beware! WHY IS IT ! WOMEN WANT YOU TO LOOK AT THERE PROFILE'S THEN DON'T WANT TO KNOW YOU AFTER? YOU DO? HOW CAN THEY BE SO JUDGEMENTAL WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING ME! THERE'S TO MANY FALSE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE NOW, WHY DO THEY SIMPLY NOT INVITE ME TO ADD THEM AND YES THEN CHAT AND DEVELOP FRIENDSHIP IN A DECENT MANNERLY PROPER WAY, WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO COMMON DECENCY,COURTESY, AND GOOD OLD FASHION VALUES, THANK'S FOR LOOKING AT MY PROFILE BEST WISHES X .
Football-Cricket, snooker-Tennis, Atheletics, Blue skies and Rainbows, Monsoon rains Sitar, Santoor, Sax, Violin, Piano, Beautiful/Tranquillity, Scenery/mind blowing., Gym/ Health-Fitness, Honour and Humour., Loyalty, Cultures, Ancient place'sand Arts, Healing, Therapy Relaxation, purity/reality/Bliss, humanity/passion/Life, Cooking, Gaming, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Manchester (Greater Manchester), England, United Kingdom