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WilliamVG, Male 37
About Me
Trying to keep things simple, focusing on what I need long term, I believe some things take time and can't be rushed. Harder the obstacles, sweeter the victory. I tend to live life based on real things and appreciate the thought that goes into something. I'm looking for a mature personality yet young heart. Open, real communication without any hidden agendas. It's the simple trivia things that mean the most, right? Might sound corny but let's see if 1+1 = 11. If life is a book, let's start on page:)? First comes the assessing glance then uncertainty, but with the right amount of persuasion, anything can happen..;) Cheers!
Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Gaming, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Travel
Barrie, Ontario, Canada