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TallnSmarter, Mann 73
Über Mich
At a modest 6'6" I can remember not being able to buy long-enough clothes at age 18; I grew 6" in two years. I enjoy hunting, fishing, cooking, and shooting pool as well as shooting firearms (I have a “Carry” permit). If I slow dance, it appears one shoe is nailed to the floor; if I dance fast, somebody might get hurt because of my long arms. Growing up in the mid-west near St. Louis MO, I'm Scotch-Irish, German, and Cherokee Indian. I'm very tall as well as thin...I can eat 4,000 calories per day and not gain weight. My IQ is very high and qualifies me for Mensa, but chose not to join because of all the nerds and geeks therein. In 2009 I retired from a career in data processing with my specialty being Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Even though I have a degree in Electronics, I switched to data processing after I got out of the Army. I’ve lived in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, and Korea. Most of those were job-related moves, although Alabama and Korea were due to my three years in the Army.
Hunting, Hanging with my sons, Fishing, Model car building, Woodworking, Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Movies, Music, Reading
Cape Coral, Florida, USA