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Scatteredjade, Frau 37
Über Mich
I'm guessing most didn't get my tongue in cheek humour when it came to my original profile and my "about me" description thingie .. I'm sarcastic and I have a hard time taking this whole internet dating thing too seriously but I'm guessing I need to. So here goes ............ First of all my profile name isn't a drug reference, it actually has a much deeper meaning but it's also a bit depressing so we really don't need to get into it here. I try not to take to much in life seriously, unless it really does call for it, and so far only death and taxes has really called for it .. -_- If you haven't already guessed I like to laugh more then really anything else in life .. When I wish upon a star, or a chicken bone, I really do wish for happiness and more laughter .. Money to me really isn't the be end and end all in life .. Now don't get me wrong I'm not broke or on the dole or anything like that and I don't need you to pay for me or my bills .. I have that covered all by myself .. I just think there's more to life then the pursuit of a bank balance .. I much prefer the pursuit of happiness ;) I'm a big tomboy and a huge kid at heart .. I get my nails done and I have hair to my ass. SO believe me I don't look like a boy .. It's just boys have better toys then girls do .. It's true lol .. Barbies suck !!!!
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Gold Coast Mc, Queensland, Australien