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Just got back from a holiday in Canada. "Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words." Rumi Dear interstate ladies, you ladies are nice, calm, down to earth and most of all you don't have the attitude that Sydney women have, but I'm not moving :) For anyone that's interested about Myer Briggs personality types mine is the new Lexus model - ISFP. Why don't people read? Only add if you intend on chatting. I'm not here to play the field, which means I'm not here to chat with 15-20 girls at once. A word of warning.... My profile is very long! I'm not everyone's cup of tea. Hello Ladies! I totally understand how a female mind works, said no man ever! Don't you just love reading through profiles, that have ladies on here describing how their friends would describe them as... I mean for starters your friends don't even know that you're on a dating site. Secondly your on a dating site because you got sick and tired of seeing your friends with their bf's while they were talking to you about how nice he is, and you were too busy on your iphone or on facebook and being anti social. How many guys do you see on here using their friends would describe them as? For the record my friends describe me as a perfect tight ass, who runs away when it comes to paying for the bill, but I'm the first to pay at Nandos. (Honesty sessions) (I suggest you go make yourself a cuppa, as my profile is a novel and some parts are more entertaining than Fifty shades of Grey) Don't bother adding if you do not have a visible photo along with a brief description on your profile. Also, have your photo's unlocked before you send a request, as I don't really like Kinder Surprise!Please don't write that you go to the gym 7 days a week and have pics of your face only... That sounds to me like a Western Union scam! Any ladies on here with a reference to the number 69, in their nickname, won't be getting added by me, even if it's your birth year. Act like a lady and not a tramp. 1) Are you loyal and compassionate? 2) Do you believe that we live in the greatest country on the planet? 3) Do you believe in “less me, more we”? 4) Do you enjoy going to restaurants and cafes instead of getting blind drunk on the weekend? 5) Do you like working out at the gym? 6) Do you like Sports? 7) Can you do the Gangnam Style or the Harlem Shake? 8) Do you believe that Mondayitis is an epidemic? 9) Do you like Nandos? 10) Did you have a laugh at some of the questions? I would like to hear from ladies that answered yes to 7 of the questions :) We meet people for a reason. Either they're a blessing or a lesson. Now that i have your attention... I'm a MUSLIM! PLEASE (Only add if you're going to chat)Way too many time wasters who just add and don't even bother chatting. Just like Katy Perry "I'm Wide Awake" to the issues that surround our country and the world that we live in! The question is... Are you also Wide Awake? Or fast asleep? I figured that no one ever bothers to read the quote down the bottom, so i thought it'd make sense to put it up the top! So here is a good one for you to ponder: 100% fake and pretentious free! That’s me :) To all the bogans out there.. My nickname isn’t referring to a sunscreen, It’s in reference to my age! I don’t drink and I also don’t go clubbing! Now I believe in the greater good of being judged on the merits of who I’m as a person, as oppose to what my racial and religious background is. But I do realize that people have a tendency to judge, so hopefully this will make your decision very easy and that way you wont have to worry about reading the entire profile. As I also realize that people are dyslexic! Just like ONE DIRECTION, I need that one thing... Its called LOVE! They call me the Australian George Clooney - It’s because I’m greying and I have a permanent tan :) (Now that I made you laugh, you may proceed and read the rest of the more serious about me description) Pretty easy going and I’m pretty down to earth! Love having a good laugh. Love just chilling out at cafes and going out for dinners. Unlike most guys, I don’t think with what’s down there, but with what god has blessed me to use for intelligence, which is called a brain! Question that does tend to pop up all the time is about RACE… My Passports Australian so therefore, I’m also Australian! Also I didn’t come here by boat, as I can’t swim! I don’t like people who judge others based on their race and their skin colour! I know that there is minority that will always do this, but I’m hoping that the majority can see through the race barrier and not be so judgmental! Now that I’m 32, my music tastes vary…. It’s no longer “Me against the world” 2pac! My playlist now consists of: Adele, Coldplay, Usher, Chris Brown and Diddy… One of my favourite tunes at the moment is the song by Goyte “Somebody That I Use To Know” Quote of the month: The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.
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