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Jodes70, Frau 46
Über Mich
================================ I'm over the bullshit, if you are in a relationship I'm not interested!! If you actually don't have time to fit a potential partner into your life then get off of here until you can!! I know I'm not to everyone's taste and I am fine with that. I'm looking for someone who isn't into head games. Someone who wants to spend time with me and getting to know me. This doesn't mean we are joined at the hip, we both need time for ourselves. I have a 5 year old so if little kids bother you then please move on, as he will always come first no ands if's nor but's. For the most part I am pretty laid back, but I'll warn you, I have a temper, but in saying that it's usually over pretty quick.... It helps with the make up I'm into most of the normal stuff, I'm very family orientated, love hanging with my small group of friends, dinners, movies, holidays etc I don't particularly need a man I my life but I would like one, I miss having someone to laugh with and to snuggle up to on the couch while watching DVD's. If you like me but have nothing filled out on your profile do not expect me to like you back as without this information how can I tell if there is even the remote possibility of liking you!! Anyhow hit me up and let's chat, what's to lose? If you don't like me you can delete and vice versa. Good luck all  Oh and you guys that are in your 60's I may be larger but in no way am I desperate enough to date someone in my fathers age bracket.... ================================
My son - 5yrs, Kissing/Hugs/Cuddles/Snuggling/Intimacy/PDA, Hanging with friends/family, Camping/Weekends Away/Camp Fires/House Boats/BBQ's, 80's music is my fav, but I like most music, Travel - especially cruises & Bali, Tattoo's/guys with tattoos, Did i mention Kissing/Hugs/Cuddles/Snuggling, Moscato/Vodka/Malibu - you?, Love being at the river/the beach/the zoo
Adelaide, South Australia, Australien