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FunnyFella22, Mann 24
Über Mich
i would like someone that i can play fun games with and take the piss out of each other, with insults and who can give as good as she gets someone who can be my best-freind but also my partner or future partner maybea woman who can be compromising and loyal but also at times submissive, someone who i can talk to about anything on my mind whether it be random or serious i can be fairly dominating but in a good way i may look seedy but im the guy you wanna date because, I am fun, funny and random i don't like to think of life as routine and will actively change my environment to suit unpredictability, so if you get bored easy id be a good match. i like my space although i also like to be annoying at times and be frustrating, like playing a mind sexx game to turn that particular person on all the time. i like a degree of privacy im not the type to stalk or go through your stuff,i want to be able to be random with a person like get slurpys at 4 am or just on a Saturday do something different. have breakfast with someone i do look fairly seedy and to be quite honest i am very dirty minded and do enjoy being naughty.
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Melbourne, Victoria, Australien