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ChristinaChristina, Frau 24
Über Mich
christina is the name obviously haha =P chris,chrissy or christy for short....Raised in the UK (yes I do have a british accent juz not very strong lol) I based in Hong Kong now (my second home) but often spending time in UK as well...I am Hong Konger origin and yes I speak Chinese (again with an accent lol) I am a busy woman,I work 2 jobs (not that I need to but I want to),pay my own bills lol not very girly (if you are looking for a girly lady like chick then dont bother look here I m not your type lol),curvy (deal with it!),young looking (I might share my secret with u lol) ,dorky and silly (no actually nuts lol) most of the time but I can be serious and mature if I have to...independant, sarcastic,chill,polite,respectful,friendly,family oriented,good listerner...romantic,passionate abs sweet when it comes to love ;) lol love to laugh and making people laugh,traveling,singing, skating,hanging out with friends/people (if I feel like it),playing my violin and guitar (I m better in violin tho), thai boxing work out ,swimming ,playing tennis blah blah blah in free time....a big Korean Pop ,Japanese rock,anime,cartoon fan....just really normal stuffs lol if you would love to talk, hit me up Dont be shy lol If you dont want to thats cool too haha!! have fun!! =]
Anime/Cartoons, cute girls and cute guys lol, Sarcasm/Jokes, Concerts, Fashion, Sleeping (best thing ever =P), Dancing/ Thai boxing/skating, Tennis /Swimming, Playing my violin/guitar, Singing /Drawing/K Pop/ Japanese Rock, Cooking, Gaming, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Hong Kong