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ChristinaChristina, Frau 24
Über Mich
its chris for short XD real name is christina just an asian lassie here to talk,meet new people,have some laughs,make you laugh and stuffs... instead of telling you whats good about me why not hit me up for a chat? so we have things to talk about...I m an open book =] don't be shy I wont bite lol Have fun ! P.S I will not answer if you just say hi how are you coz is boring, make some efforts please (and ofcourse I will too) be more talkative if you would really like to talk😛
Anime/Cartoons, cute girls and cute guys lol, Sarcasm/Jokes, Concerts, Fashion, Sleeping (best thing ever =P), Dancing/ Thai boxing/skating, Tennis /Swimming, Playing my violin/guitar, Singing /Drawing/K Pop/ Japanese Rock, Cooking, Gaming, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Hong Kong