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bubby2, Frau 37
Über Mich
I am extremely passionate, full of life who loves and cares deeply, very unique, creative and approachable but NEVER TOO EASY, the quality of life and humanity have a great deal of importance and impact in my life so if you are a COMPULSIVE CHEATER, A LIAR AND FULL OF DECEPTION then you go and find your LUSTY BEHAVIOR and FIXATION elsewhere as these characteristics do not work on or impress me. I'm very outgoing but morality and self respect counts the most as I'm looking for a future partner th...
dancing, singing, festivals, concerts, socializing, clubbing, sky diving, scubba diving, snorkling, fishing, bush walking, canoeing, cooking, camping, high powered cars, car racing, overseas travel, landscapping, gardening, Cars and Motoring, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Carindale, Queensland, Australien