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belphegor7, Male 55
About Me
I am looking for a woman who still has a more traditional view of love and life... A woman who is intelligent, sensitive, feminine, loving, very sensual. A woman who values durable things in life: love, affection, family, friendship, honesty. I am looking for a woman who is not caught into the minor quibbles of modern life, who yearns to give and receive honest, sincere love, have a man and a family of her own, who knows that distrust and selfishness only beget the like... I am looking for a woman whose heart still has place for a man, friends, family and for beauty: what can be more beautiful than living together a sunset in Italy or in Greece, waking up in the hot morning somewhere in the Mediterranean near the person you love... She should enjoy all the good things life has to offer, the company of friends, being a good host, and be still capable of feeling, receiving and giving gratitude, the root of all love... I am not looking for conceited personalities, cold, calculating or conniving... Coldness, inability to give and receive love, inability to perceive beauty in people or nature, inability to express feelings (or to simply have them), selfishness, self serving personalities better stay away :-)... I think I am decently intelligent (and I vastly appreciate the same in a woman, including a good sense of humour), having a loving and very sensual nature, honest and stable emotionally. I am certainly not shallow, have limited patience with foolishness and am fully committed to any relationship, whether love or friendship... I am looking for a woman who would like to be very devoted to her man, willing to satisfy and take care of him, ready to accept all his love and to give him love in return for a peaceful, loving family environment. I do not appreciate nagging, conceited, vain and selfish women, all I want is MY woman, the one and only, who shall be mine forever...
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Kanata, Ontario, Canada