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1HeartnSoul1, Frau 44
Über Mich
PLZ READ MY PROFILE nd TAKE MY WORDS SERIOUSLY. I Do Not Need A Liar in My Life! I am NOT Interested in Knowing DUMBDICKS, if u have no self control over your doodle then thats your problem. Intimacy is only important to ME when i have that emotional connection with a man, otherwise its a TURN OFF! I am NOT looking for a HOOKUP! Guys where are your CLEAR pictures, one pic isnt enough. Ladies,im NOT Bi or a Lesbian im STRAIGHT pls STOP trying to add me...I chat 1on1 if Ur busy with others, then I will MOVE ON=Delete U! NO Time Wasters... Where did the GENTLEMEN GO??? If U can't be Honest,have Morals nd know how to Respect WOMEN then im not interested...had enuff of the fakes nd/or sleazy guys! Good manners nd common courtesy isnt hard to it? mmm Shame on U those guys who like to degrade a woman! Wheres the Real Men? U wouldnt accept that kind of treatment for ur daughters would U? Pea brains...THINK! My personality is Me my attitude depends on You...There's alot to say about a person,so i will keep it short nd to the point.Im a simple but beautiful woman with good internal qualities and a sense of humour who does take life seriously,old fashioned (traditional) a single mum/stay at home mother,my youngest child is now 14yrs old! I also live with my mother who i help take care of with my sisters,she is disabled! I have been single approx a 22months,so im takin my Time! To the Players: sooner or later u will get caught out,it doesnt take me long to figure u out. No pics then No chat...its only fair mine are up!
catching up with family, bbq / picnics, My adorable kids, Dancing, my grandaughter, swimming/beach, Taking my daughter out, catching up with friends, Cooking, Going Out, Movies, Music, Travel
Melbourne, Victoria, Australien