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Never settle for second best!

A bit over a year ago, my life was pretty awesome, nice and easy, full of great times. I never thought I wanted to get married, I thought I was destined to continue in the what seemed like hopeless, at times great fun, though also could be quite depressing dating scene.

I then met a girl, who had travelled from America to the greatest country in the world to work on a year visa. The girl and I had obviously had well and truly exploited Oasis for the amazing website that it is, had a lot of fun dating short term, and just meeting great people, of whom we still have friends from the site today.

But when we started spending more time together, we soon realised we both had the same eerie feeling, neither of us had experienced before. On the day we were meant to part ways forever, as she was returning to her life many miles away, we exchanged letters, expressing what great fun we had together over those few short months, and that we should remain in contact, because we each had become, and considered each other to be best friends.

One year on, after a 5 month internet relationship, a lot of late nights, and early mornings because of the time difference, and a few brief trips back and forth, we finally decided to recognise and validate those eerie feelings, there was no one else on earth meant to be together more than us.

We have quite the story to tell our child, who is ON THE WAY!!! Good luck everybody, always be yourself, never rush it, always talk to as many people as possible, because if you exhaust all of your energy on only a few, you'll surely miss out on the ones that could mean the most.


Baby love

I was sceptical at first about any dating sites, but decided to join Oasis and see what it’s all about.

Got chatting to a few men... No-one special stood out straight away, then one day, feeling like all was lost, I had a message from an attractive guy!

To cut a long story short, we chatted, texted and spoke over the phone for a while then decided to meet!

We clicked straight away and now a year and a half later we are very much together and in love, we have a 6 month old daughter together and we are engaged to be married!

So.... thank you, you gave us happiness!!


Only a click away

I came onto this site looking for a nice guy to chat with; I had only been on their 5 to 6 weeks before I agreed to meet up with him in Glasgow. Since then we've been out on several dates, he's a really nice guy, we share the same interests and yes we've started dating.

It’s still early days but things look promising between us. Hang in there I never thought I’d meet Mr Right, how wrong was I, and he was only a click away!


Love a little later!

In February 2011, I started to talk to a lad from this website, we seemed to hit it off, but later he told me he had a girlfriend, so in shock I cut contact.

It wasn’t until August 2012, when I was online, he started chatting to me again. We hit it off again, all that time later and decided to meet as friends. There was a spark and in October he stayed the night and we have been a couple since and much in love.

Although it is only the early stages we are expecting our first child in July 2013 and plan to get married in middle of next year.


Never been so happy

I joined the site a few months ago. Had no luck at first but then I started talking to this girl. We hit off straight away started talking on cam before we decided to meet up shortly after.

We have only been together a short time but have never been so happy! Thank you Oasis.

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