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My Dream Match!

I got a message one afternoon from a girl in leeds. Instead of saying Hi, how r u? She said 'do u like the Smiths'.

Within 5 minutes I knew she was someone quite special, we exchanged phone numbers and added each other on Facebook.

We arranged meet at a gig a few days later and that was it. Couldn’t believe my luck, she was even more beautiful in real life then in her pictures. We had a great time at the gig then went out drinking till the early hours of the morning.

Since then we spend a lot of time together, me going to leeds and her coming up to Manchester.

We are even talking about me moving to Leeds in April.


Christmas wish - come true!

I asked Santa for the love of my life whilst my daughter sat on santas lap in late November... You can only ask I thought!

I had been on and off Oasis for a year with many friends made through chatting and meeting up for coffee, however hadn't found the one!

I logged on to actually cancel my membership thinking I would give myself a break, when I did one last search. To my surprise there was a new face - I was curious with the details he had given. I requested and he accepted to my surprise!

He had just signed up two days earlier at the suggestion of a mate, we met up for a drink in a public place and that was 5 weeks ago.

We have clicked with ease and have only been apart 2 days out of the 5 weeks. He is an amazing, honest, caring person and father with a big heart and great sense of humour.

I think I am the most lucky girl in the world, so thank you Oasis for the opportunity of perhaps finding a partner to share my journey of life with. I guess only time will tell but without this site we would never have had the opportunity to meet each other.

Fair to say I got what I asked for Christmas this year, best be careful what I ask for next year!


My superman

After a few days of being on the site I was losing interest, however from a friend request and a very short conversation, I had started to text my unknown Mr perfect! We hit it off straight away and I couldn't believe how happy I was! 2 weeks after none stop talking and late night phone calls that lasted hours, we met!

I was a nervous wreck but it was by far the best decision ever made!!

Today we have been together 2 months, early days I know but I know he's the man for me and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

He's my superman!!!


A brilliant way to meet someone special!

I tried Oasis after being tired of meeting unsuitable men in my life; It had been recommended by a friend that also found someone online.

On the first day I got chatting to a lovely guy and we met up a couple of weeks later. well the rest is history as they say, we hit it off straight away and are now expecting our first baby in July :)

We never would have met if it wasn’t for this site. Online dating is a brilliant way to meet someone that wants the same as you and we are very happy!


Waiting for a Miracle.

I haven't had the best of luck in love. Almost all my relationship had ended up with the man I cared about/ loved so much leaving me after breaking my heart. I was on the verge of having up when someone suggested online dating.

The first two were complete failures, but then a few months ago I went on my Oasis account to delete it completely, but saw someone had messaged me. After a few days of talking I knew this one was different. I was terrified to even think about liking this guy, but the payoff was incredible. I had found my dream guy.

He's a musician, covered in tattoos, an awesome gamer, same taste in music, blue eyes, has a happy family life and has a rough past. Everything I'd been looking for. And to add he's quite easy on the eyes hehe. I've told him about my past, he's herd my horror stories and he's seen all my scars and STILL he accepts me, supports me and wants to be with me.

I never thought I feel happiness like this. I was so close to giving up completely but I'm so glad I didn't.

So to those reading this say, If I of all people can find someone, you can to. Just don't give up. They're out there looking for you too.

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