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Against all odds, age doesnt matter

I met my wonderful boyfriend on Oasis on July 2012. He asked me to add him multiple times. I tried to ignore him but something about his photo that made me all 'giggly' and gave me butterflies. The reason that I couldn’t add him was because I am about 12 years his senior.

But one day I added him just to make friends with him and maybe give him some advice about women. Which I ended up doing! We gave each other advice. He seemed to like older women. We finally decided to meet up after a month of talking to each other on Oasis as friends...we instantly fell in love and now we have met each other's family and friends. We are best friends, couple and lovers...we love each other to bits!!


Love at first sight!

I started chatting to this man on Christmas Eve and we met on 27th December in the morning and it’s gone from strength to strength since then and were both really happy.

He is good for me and I think I am good for him. I think we have a happy future together thanks to Oasis.


So much for the end of the world!

I met my new partner on 21st December 2012, so much for the end of the world, we still see each other daily as he is still trying to work out what my oasis name meant. He is going to be a long time waiting and trying to work it out.

We spoke for approximately 6 weeks before deciding to catch up for a drink, this went well and was followed by dinner the next night. I had his phone number and we had spoken 3 times on the phone before meeting, although I was very hesitant to give out my number.

I had a holiday booked in early January and seriously thought that he would have moved on when I got back, but was pleasantly surprised when I saw him the night I got back and he was happy to see me. Since the day I got back we have seen each other daily and I can’t imagine not seeing him regularly now.

I moved in with him on the 9th January this year and it has been an amazing few weeks that we have had together.

We are hoping to have many years together, getting to know each other and moving onto a future.


Best thing we ever did!

I moved back into the country after being away for 8 years, I was completely miserable, moving home and deciding to go on Oasis (after an advert came on telly), and those are the two best things I’ve ever done!

We met and had a wonderful day together, I couldn't wait to see him again, neither could he, we fell in love instantly. Who knew you could meet your soul mate on a dating site? We are planning on getting married and having children in the future. Thank you oasis for completing our lives!


Total eclipse of the heart!

I had been on Oasis since 2012, I chatted to a few people but nothing serious, I only really logged in to check my messages, but one day I received a message from this account which had no picture, so I replied to his message and asked why don't you have a picture?

He later on sent me his photo and we started chatting, by the last week of July we exchange numbers and chatted via phone, then September 21st we decided to finally meet each other. We went out for lunch and hit it off straight away!

We have been together ever since and are very happy! Thanks Oasis!

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