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It all started with a Flirt

I had come out of a 4 year relationship and it took over 6 months till I started meeting other people. I came on here to see if online dating would help I would check often with no luck and was near to giving up completely.

One day I received a flirt from a gorgeous looking girl who too lived close by. So I gave her a flirt back and then added her to my contacts. She accepted and so we started talking for about a month texting and on Facebook, then we decided to meet on 27th December 2012 and since then we have been together and are both so happy.

Thanks Oasis I believe there is someone out there for everyone, just be patient.


Perfect Match!

It all started on Oasis. I had just come out of a long term relationship of over 12 months that didn't end too well. At first I joined Oasis just to make some new friends; I wasn't expecting anything too serious. One afternoon, a handsome guy popped up and messaged me for the first time. I remember talking for hours, we really hit it off. The only problem was he was from Melbourne and I was from Brisbane!

We added each other on Facebook in November 2011. I remember we used to go on Facebook and chat to each other every night. We connected so well and could talk for hours about anything. One day in late November, we decided to meet for the first time after about a month. He flew all the way from Melbourne to Brisbane to finally meet me. He had lived in Brisbane before but unfortunately moved back to Melbourne before we met.

Things went really well and felt natural and not uncomfortable like some other first meetings with guys. After about 6 times of flying to either Brisbane or Melbourne to spend time together, 10 months and thousands of texts, we decided we wanted to be together and give things a chance.

He made a huge sacrifice which took a lot of courage and commitment and moved from his hometown of Melbourne to Brisbane to be with me which would have been undoubtedly difficult, starting a new job and finding a home. Everything worked out well for him with the move and the timing was fortunate.

The month he moved, we went on a holiday together to Bali which was beautiful. It was a great experience.

It has now been 11 months that we have been together officially and could not be happier. I feel like such a lucky girl to have met an amazing guy like him. I trust him completely; he is loyal, sweet and has all the qualities I was looking for in a partner and best friend. We also both have Greek heritage which was a bonus. I really enjoy spending time with him.

We are now going to move in together later this year and start a life together one day, whether that be in Brisbane or Melbourne. I am looking forward to it; things with him look really promising.

Thank you Oasis for bringing us together, without you we would never have met. I am truly thankful and grateful. He is an amazing guy.


Patience Pays Off

We started talking and discovered we had lots of things in common. I was just looking for someone to chat to, after a recent separation. We met and he took me out for dinner on our first date.

We couldn't stop talking and I couldn't take my eyes of his gorgeous blue eyes. We kept chatting for a while after that and started to hang out with each other, discovering more and more that we had so much in common.

He was a very patient man and after sometime with persistence we became more than just friends. He has since moved in with me and we have introduced the children together. I never thought I would find love again so soon.

Thank you, Oasis for helping me to trust again after I thought it was lost and to find love again.


I found my man!

I have been single for many years - not really in to the club scene - so my daughter persuaded me to put myself out there. I joined Oasis when a friend suggested the site; she created a short profile for me and took a picture.

I only visited the site twice and the second time accidently deleted one of my contacts - he found me again and was wondering what he had done wrong! I felt that he deserved my wholehearted attention as penance so I chatted to him for a while and later that night we met for a drink.

We hit it off instantly! He is now my man and we are both amazed that we met on a public dating site - we enjoy relaying our story - it’s the real thing! Thanks Oasis...


A chance meeting...

With no real conscious thought, one night I went out on a whim and spontaneously joined Oasis after nearly 3 years of being single. I chatted to a few people and made some friends, but within a few days I came across a gorgeous Irish girl living just up road from me, and didn’t hesitate to send her a contact request. Thankfully, she accepted.

Almost instantly there was a virtual spark – we chatted late into the night and quickly began to discover that we had a great deal in common. Both creative, driven and sentimental individuals, we were only too happy to continue talking and see what might happen.

After a couple of weeks of getting to know each other online we agreed to go on a date, and despite being the first meeting we ended up sitting in the restaurant chatting until nearly midnight. There was immediate chemistry, and following a few more dates we decided to begin a proper relationship.

It all went from there. And now, despite being only 10 weeks since I first met her, we are unbelievably happy together and feeling extremely confident about our future.

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