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So back in August 2011 after being single for 3 years and having some bad dates and a previous bad relationship, on a whim I decided to sign up to Oasis and thought nothing would come of it, within about 2 weeks of signing up I get a message from my now boyfriend, and casually we swap numbers and text on and off for a few months.

I wasn't too sure about going any further after previous bad experiences, but in November 2011, I decided to go for it and meet him, and on November 11th 2011 we met at my local pub, apart from a few little boo boos, which didn't matter cause we hit it off so well, after that it was date after date and now 14 months later, we are still just as happy as we ever were!

We are discussing buying a house in the next few years and I wouldn't see my future with anyone else! Thank you!


Only a couple of days

She had only been online for a day and a half and I had only been online for 3 days when she had contacted me.

We started chatting for a few minutes when I gave her my number and told her to ring me if she wanted which she did. We spoke for two days and decided to meet things went so well we’ve been together ever since and are very Much in love her family loves me and thing are awesome.

Thank you Oasis for this beautiful gal!


Lucky us!

We were lucky to be online at the same time, lucky for me he came across my picture, lucky for him I answer his chat request, we both have had bad times and now we both can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together!

So if you have had enough, keep going because you might get lucky.


Christmas miracle

Christmas rolled around and I was pretty much having NO luck what so ever, none.

Then on Boxing Day I got a request from my now boyfriend. I thought I guess I'll accept he doesn't look like he will be another boring conversation that goes nowhere.

We started talking about 10pm and we just talked and talked until my Internet started playing up so I gave him my number. We texted until about 2-3am. We organized to meet the next day (being Thursday)

We met up at McDonalds about 4:30pm and we just couldn't stop talking, we decided to go get good and head back to his. I didn't leave until about 11pm and have seen him every single day since then.

He is wonderful and such a positive influence on me.

I got him a dog a few days ago to say thank you. He is over the moon, it's nice to see him extremely happy!

It's only been a short time but I've never been happier!


It really works!

I was single for 12 months, and thought I’d give internet dating a try. In August 2012 I started talking to this woman on we spoke for about 3 weeks before we decided to meet.

That was five and half months ago and we are growing stronger and stronger, it actually feels like we have known each other for years. So thanks Oasis!

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