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Meant to be!

We met on the 12 of March 2011, It all started with a chat online we quickly set up a time to talk the next day, and when we chatted I was straight away attracted to his deep voice! We had many things in common so a meeting was definitely on the cards; we in fact met up the next evening for a light dinner! We hung out the whole evening; talking seemed very natural between us.

By the time we said goodbye, sealed with 3 small kisses …I thought hmmmm well this was a nice surprise. I had a text message in my phone within 20 mins or less. Needless to say we started hanging out every evening, a little later if I had my son at home.

We went from strength to strength, got engaged on Cradle Mountain on the 17th of October 2011 a day after his Nans 100th Birthday. Exciting times were ahead. We got married on the 24th of May 2014. At Fitzroy Island near Cairns. We had a perfect day and are very excited to what the future will bring.

Thank you, it is because of you our path crossed.


Love made in the stars

About 3 or so months ago, I was reading my stars in the paper and it mentioned that I should join a dating agency of some sort. I didn't think much of it at first and was a little sceptical also, but after a couple of weeks I thought I'd give it a crack. And that is how I met bubbles in the sun.

We chatted for about 2 weeks, which made meeting her so much easier, and have been going strong ever since. Thank you Oasis for helping me meet my dream girl!


Meant to be

We met through Oasis towards the end of 2011. We'd both had recently gotten out of long-term relationships which were well past their sell-by dates. We got chatting; I was a bit wary at first because she didn't have a profile pic, but after a good first chat she added a few photos to her profile, and clicked quite quickly.

After a week or so, we decided to meet up for drinks at a local bar/restaurant; that way if one of us turned out to be a freak, it was only an hour or two before we could escape.

It was a cold December evening, I got there a little bit early; shortly afterwards this beautiful woman walked arrived via taxi and I watched her walk into the venue and straight up to my table. The most beautiful woman that I'd ever seen, let alone dated. Well, drinks turned into dinner, dinner turned into being the last people in the restaurant and leaving 6 hours afterwards. It was, quite simply, the best first date ever.

That was a Monday and I had been busy until the following Sunday, but I re-arranged everything and we spent most of our free time together, including inviting her to my office Xmas party on the Friday. We were inseparable. 2 months later, a friend of hers got married in ‘the perfect wedding shoes’ and asked me if it would be weird if she bought them, bizarrely it seemed absolutely fine to be buying wedding shoes two months after we met.

In April I ordered the ring and in June we were engaged. Married in July of the year after (2013). In January 2014, we got pregnant and now have bought our own home with 2 kittens. Life is as perfect as one could hope, and it's all thanks to finding each other on Oasis Dating.


Love at first site

I recently met the most amazing guy ever! We have now been together for six months and are engaged to be married and have the big day set for the 19th of March 2016. Thank you Oasis!


Finally Happy

I have been off and on this site since August last year, right as I was about to completely give up I got a request from my now partner. We instantly clicked. We exchanged numbers and kept in contact via texting and facebook.

A few days after we exchange numbers we were talking on the phone for 3 hours, I knew there was something special about this one. I finally felt comfortable enough to meet him in person. As soon as I saw him in person I knew it was meant to be!

I have never been so happy in my life, I never thought I would meet someone that could make me feel the way I feel about him.

Never ever give up on love, because before you know it someone will just come into your life! Thank you for helping me find my prince charming!

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