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We chatted for a while on Oasis, met up and haven’t been apart since! We got married in April 2012 and we have never been more content, happier and in love.

Thank you Oasis!


Love finds a way!

Oasis, I just want to say thank you so much for blessing me with my soon to be husband!
Because of this amazing site, we were able to get connected and despite living thousands of kilometres away, we still managed to start a long distance relationship for over a year before finally meeting face to face.

After an amazing weekend in Sydney for my birthday, he departed back to Mt Isa and 3 months later I decided to begin my life with him there and moved in with him for 6 months. It was my first time leaving my home in Sydney and even jumping on a plane to anywhere!

Everything was terrific but after 6 months I became homesick since I had never left home before, I started to miss everything that I grew up with especially my family. As hard as it was I had to say goodbye and it put a big strain on our relationship.

The day before my birthday a year later we met in person, he surprised me by showing up to my house and told me he had left his job and house and everything just to be with me and to start our new life together in Sydney and now we are finally Engaged and excited to get married soon!

I never ever thought that I would ever find a partner especially on a chat site and the whole embarrassment that can come with it to. At the end of the day I realised that you shouldn't judge before you try and now I am the happiest girl ever because of Oasis!!!


Found the love of my life

I found my man 3 years ago; we were talking for a while first on the net before we officially started seeing each other.

We got married on the 4th of May 2013, have a beautiful baby, he is 22 months and hopefully will be adding another little one to our family soon!


Have never been happier!

We started chatting, exchanged numbers and went out a few times. I have never looked or thought of another person in the same way since meeting him, he was the best decision I ever made!


Found Happiness

I met a guy on Oasis we were talking for a few weeks when I decided to give him a call to met up the next day.

Since then we have not been apart from each other and it's been 2 years. We got married 3 weeks ago and life couldn't be better!

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