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A surprise connection!

I met my current partner on I honestly wasn't expecting to meet anyone this way but we liked each other's profiles and chatted for a while, and eventually decided to meet up.

I've never met someone I click with so well before. I can be my true self around him and he gets me. We share a lot of fun and laughter, and really have a great relationship.

To me, he is the proof that can work! I am super happy and very grateful to this site.


Soul Mates!

I was just looking for friendship and maybe a relationship when I joined Oasis. It was November 2011 when I met an amazing man; he too was looking for just friendship as he had lost his wife not long before.

We decided to meet for a coffee and from there continued on to dinner. We had so much in common and enjoyed many of the same activities. It was funny though as he was really not my normal type, well at least the type of men I'd been on dates with!

We kept in contact for months and went on the occasional date. Then realised we just jelled together really well and then fell in Love. We now live together, it’s been nearly 3 years now and I love him today as much as I did the first time we met! He truly is my Soul Mate!


Love closer than we knew!

I met my lovely other half on here almost 2 years ago. We've now started a family and have a gorgeous 5 month old daughter.

We noticed when we registered our daughter’s birth that our birth certificates were signed by the same registrar and our parents lived a block away from each other when we were born! As well as that we knew quite a few mutual friends.


Thanks to Oasis we've found our life partners!

Both in our 40's and previously married way too young and hence divorced and both from different areas, so would never have crossed paths. Now thanks to Oasis we have found each other and couldn’t be happier!

Due to be married next January, and this time till death us do part! Thank you so much!


Cinderella found her prince charming!

I joined Oasis Dating in 2010 after many failed relationships, being cheated on etc and after almost 3 months of talking to people online I almost gave up. Then I did one more search and found a cute guy that I was instantly drawn to.

We started chatting and soon we were online talking every night and texting each other through the day. After a month or so I finally plucked up the courage to do the hour and a half drive to meet him face to face. The night went off perfectly and I believe it was love then. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows as he decided he didn't want a long distance relationship but we kept talking anyway.

It wasn't long after that he went through a rough patch and I offered my shoulder and tried to help him the best I could. This is when we really hit things off I started spending every weekend with him, after 2 months we became an item, another 7 months down the track I moved away from my family to be with him. On Easter weekend 2012 he proposed and we got married in February this year.

If it had not have been for Oasis I would never have met my soul mate, my best friend and the love of my life. So thank you!

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