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He is my last first kiss

My friend put me on to Oasis Active after her success with her now husband. I thought that her success was a fluke and that it would never happen to me.

After sometime and more than a few bad dates and emotional let downs I was just about to deactivate my account when I ran one more search. This time I selected everything that I was looking for and was not going to settle for anything less, and I pressed <search>.

Then there he was, forth in the list. It was his eyes that took me first, Something magical about them captured me and i just had to read his profile and ask him to chat. After lots and lots of laughs we were both eager to meet one another so we set a date and struggled not to meet earlier, we both wanted to know if the "spark" was there. IT WAS! After our second date we have been inseparable.

He proposed to me out the front of my parents house in December 2010, 9 months to the day of our second date. We are due to be married in January 2012. I have never felt happier, safer and more loved in all of my life. And everyday he makes me feel special, wanted and loved.

We both feel incredibly lucky to have found one another, with out Oasis Active our paths would have never crossed. Thank you for guiding me to my last first kiss.


Happy Together

My partner and I met back in October last year on Oasis Active and I just wanted to say Thank you for putting this site together.

If it wasn’t for this site I wouldn’t have met my partner.
He has seriously changed my life for the better. I’ve never met anyone who has been such a perfect match for me. Thank you :)



My partner and I met December 7th of last year 2010 on Oasis Active. I had a troubled love life. Wishing I could just be happy for once! My partner well he was just looking for his princess.

We were both new to oasis active and he was my first one that I talked to. It was just meant to be. Destiny arrived for us that day.

Now we are so happy and completely in love with each other. We're getting married next week 11th August so excited.

Thank you Oasis Active we are so happy with your site :).


Happy Ending?

I joined oasis about four months ago, after being single for almost a year.
I went on two dates which were ok, but then I met bpc1982.

We chatted for about four weeks before meeting. On our first date i knew there was something special. Now here we are, been together almost three months and things are perfect,

Thank you oasis for bringing us together :)


Blast from the past

After a year of being single, and with the worst past in relationships, I thought I needed a change;

This lead me to come across Oasis. I was browsing through male's aged 18-21 and came across a certain profile according to there profile pictures I thought 'hey, hes not bad looking!' I thought i had seen him before...
I started talking to him and in fact he was a guy who was a waiter at the same place I had my school formal. Funny enough I was checking him out that night. He heard what I had said, but couldn't do anything about it, due to the fact he was working.....

After a few days of talking we exchanged numbers, skyped and spoke on the phone everyday. He asked me out before I had even met him, so I thought "why not!"

Today (20.7.11) i managed to meet up with him and my god! Wow.... I was almost lost for words! Extremely good looking! amazing, great and a fun guy. I feel sooooooooo comfortable around him. I'd never thought I'd meet someone from an online dating site! I really hope it lasts.

So now i do agree, anything is possible!

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