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Found a friend

After my wife died 2 years ago of cancer, then I had cancer, I just got on as best I could.
But It was very lonely. Then i went on this site to find a lady friend we met, had a chat, and have agreed to keep seeing each other for days out and meals etc.

I hope it will lead to more , time will tell but we are very happy to be with each other. We are both near 70, so know time is running out
Thanks for this free dating site, it made two people very happy.

All the very best.


It really does work - We are so in Love!!!

To think that 18 months ago I was nervous about making my first profie in the online dating world.... I was embarrased, scared, felt desperate and over all unsure if this was going to work.

After a few dates of nice guys and some of not so nice I was about to give up all together and thought "right... tomorrow I will delete my profile and have a break from internet dating" well, the next morning I log and have a look at the "new memebers" and thought I would send just one more request. If he didnt accept I would give it up but if he did then we will see how it goes.
And, he accepted!

I used to log onto Oasis just to talk to him and we got so caught up in chatting within a week it felt like we knew everything about each other. After 2 weeks we had our first date and I am happy to report that it was love in that first kiss!

We now live together, buying a second house, massive plans for the future and wake up everyday smiling knowing that we have found something pretty special!

So thanks Oasis for turning someone who was scared at first and is now that happiest and luckiest woman in the world!



I had almost given up on men completely!!

At the beginning of 2010, I decided to look for love again. I had just come out of a horrible relationship but was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. I had gained a lot of weight, I had bipolar disorder and a son from a different relationship. Who would want to be with me now?? I would think.

I was about to give up on men completely until I came across a profile that stood out to me. He was attractive, was a manager for a car dealership and lived in the same suburb as me! So I sent him a friend request.

I was shocked when he added me and said he really enjoyed my profile and wanted to meet for dinner to see if we could hit it off. I later found out he only lived around the corner from me! Talk about close.

We really enjoyed each other's company and he invited me on a second date. We took things slow and I eventually allowed him to meet my son. Months later my son was following him around, calling him dad. I was sure this would scare him away, but it didn't. He loved my son as his own and he still does to this day.

After only 3 months of dating he was already bonding with my son and spending 2 hours to fix his racing car up and fixing my mum and dad's car up for free, saving them so much money. He was not only beautiful to look at on the outside but he was beautiful on the inside too.

I fell in love again, which I didn't think I could. April 1st 2011, he proposed to me and we are now engaged. November 11th of this year we will be married!!!

But the story doesn't end here... I recommended to my brother and after 3 months of convincing him to try it he found the love his life too!

Thank you Oasis for the beautiful and blessed life I live now.I found Someone who loves me for me and my son has the best father figure I could ever ask for.


Never thought it could happen

I joined this site just after my 18th which was in January, and not long ago I found the man of my dreams.

He makes me so happy and we've been together almost two months, but it feels like I've known him a life time. We started dating on 17th June 2011, and been happy since. We now catch the train together to and from work, and spent as much time as we can together.

Love him dearly and always knows how to make me smile...


I found my dream come true on Oasis

I met my boyfriend now fiancée on Oasis in 2009 in April. I spoke to him on chat didn't go on for about 2 weeks came back on he left me his number and I text him 2 days later I met up with him went on our first date to the beach. It was the best day, and he asked for a first kiss and I said no not yet - wait for a bit lol.

The next day I went down the coast with him an his friends to the beach we were driving home I fell asleep in the car on the way home he dropped me off home and that's when I gave him our first kiss and that's when I knew he was the one. Then on the Monday I went to his house an stayed the night and I haven't left his sight since then. Now we have a 1yr old boy that we love so much and if it wasn't for Oasis Active I wouldn't be here today.

Thank you. I've met my best friend and lover and he means the world to me :) xx

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