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From Hell to Heaven!

I became a full time Oasis user after a bad relationship of 10 years. I must have met 50 girls from the site, yes I’m serious! I really was looking for the one special girl that I could be happy with; this was not that easy as I have two children which I care for full time.

After my long search, I finally found the girl of my dreams here. She loves my kids and I love her.

We have been so happy and after 9 months of being together I asked her to marry me, she said Yes!
And we have now just purchased a house together.

If it wasn’t for Oasis we would never have met, Thanks again xoxo


Oasis reunited me with the girl of my dreams!

At the start of 2010, I met an amazing and beautiful girl at a music festival here in Adelaide. We hit it off, but we didn't swap contact details or anything - something I spent the rest of the day regretting. I'd met someone I really felt compatible with, and hadn't had the confidence or foresight to ask for her number.

Well, around nine months later, I was looking through Oasis profiles despondently. I'd met a few people, but hadn't really found anyone with whom I felt that spark I'd felt with the mystery girl from the music festival nine months before. I came across the profile of a strikingly beautiful girl who seemed somewhat familiar... but I couldn't for the life of me put my finger on who she was or where we'd met before. We met in January 2011, and have been together ever since. I'd never been so happy.

Then, around the start of September 2011, she asked me if I'd been talking to a girl at a music festival in 2010. I paused, and said "Actually, yes... and before I met you I hadn't met anyone as amazing as her." I told her the story, noting the growing excitement in her eyes. At the end, I asked her " that was you, wasn't it?" She'd had the same suspicion that we'd met before, and had only just considered that I could have been the guy she'd met almost two years earlier. It took me a year to figure it out, but I'd been in a relationship with my mystery girl for nine months already... and I owe it all to Oasis Active.


Teen Romance!

We met each other on Oasis last year, and are now happily in a relationship, things are really working out for the two of us.

We are so compatible. We are best friends and love each other to bits, out connection is just unbelievable.

Thank you Oasis we love you, for helping us meet each other!


Happy, Married and have a Baby :-)

Well I went on oasis to meet new people and to see what happened.

Then one day, I was off work and decided to see what was happening online when I started talking to a really nice guy. We ended up chatting for hours and felt that instant connection.

We swapped phone numbers before going offline, and then started texting each other straight away.
We were both keen to meet and since then we haven’t looked back... We have been happily married now for six months!

I don’t think I would of met him if it wasn’t for Oasis...


We Got Married!

To be honest I only joined Oasis because my sister in law talked me into it. I didn't for a second think I would find my Mr right on here though, thought I’d maybe go on a few dates.

We had started talking and within a week he had closed his account which indicated to me he wasn’t looking elsewhere. We have been inseparable ever since.

We got married just this Friday gone 26/8/2011. He is everything I was searching for but didn’t think I’d find. So with much Thanks to my sister for convincing me that this dating site was OK,

I now want to Thank you Oasis because without you I would never have met and married my dream partner!

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