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Love Found Me

I met my partner for the first time on the 31st August; we have been on 4 dates. It was love at first sight. I knew on the first date, he was the one for me.

We feel like soul-mates, he’s gentle, kind and funny, we have a lot in common. We are so happy and in-love. I wanted to share this with Oasis as I never thought love would find me.

Thank you Oasis for sending me an angel.


Thanks Oasis!

A friend of mine met her husband on Oasis so I thought I'd give it a shot. I had just turned 40 and left behind a failed relationship.

After meeting two men, I met the most gentle and handsome man I have ever known. I honestly thought he was too good looking for me!

We had our first date in July 2010. He proposed in September 2011. We are planning our engagement drinks for next month.

Thanks Oasis, for helping us meet each other. It was the best investment of my time.


Better than Mr Right!

After 10 years of looking for Mr Right l happened to find Mr Wonderful!

It’s been over 12 weeks now and we spend every minute we can together.
I never thought l could find this kind of happiness, but l have, and this is for life. We are both extremely happy together, we can share and talk about anything.

This man sent me a request one night and l accepted and neither of us have looked back from then. Never thought much about soul mates l now believe that l truly have found mine we have so much in common its scary sometimes.

So just a big Thank You to Oasis from both of us, we are two very happy people...


Club leads to Happiness!

I was at a club one night, and spotted this girl that I couldn’t take my eyes off, but being as shy as I am I didn’t have the guts to go talk to her...

The next night I was on Oasis and I added a young beautiful girl not knowing at the time how amazingly familiar she looked... She at this time had only been a member for 9 hours...

We got chatted about what we had done the previous night and worked out we were at the same club and I worked out that she was the amazingly beautiful girl I couldn’t take my eyes off.

The next night we went on a date and since haven’t looked back :) ... Thank you Oasis


Young Love!

At 19 and just out of my first long term relationship, I thought I would come on here for a little bit of fun, just to see how I fare "on the market".

After meeting a few people and not completely clicking, I was getting ready to delete my account when I found a profile of a young lady who I thought was one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen.

I sent her a request and she accepted but we weren't able to talk for a few weeks, until one night, she popped online. We spoke for four hours that night, finding much in common and swapping phone numbers. The next night we skyped for 5 hours and arranged to meet the next day.

The second I saw her, my breathe was taken away and I fell for her instantly, feeling comfortable straight away. We went on 3 dates that week and she met my closest friends and family on date two.

Two weeks later, we were an official item and that was two months ago. We are now planning overseas holidays together and look forward to a very long future with her.

If it was not for Oasis Active, we would have never met, and for that, I will be eternally thankful for signing up to Oasis Active.

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