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Getting married this month!

I met my fiancee in January this year through this site.

We have been away on holiday and getting married this month.
Our plan is to get old together.

Thanks Oasis dating.


Finally we found love!

My boyfriend and i wanted to thank you for bringing us together.

We both had given up on love and thought it would never happen again!
After both being back on Oasis for 3 months and both recovering from heartbreak, we found each other!

Thanks so much you have changed our lives :)


Nottingham Nutter falls in love with Liverpool loony

One lonely Sunday night after speaking to some unsuitable men, I was about to delete my profile when a rather handsome chap with sparkling blue eyes and a cheeky smile who had sent me a contact request a couple of days ago, popped up and said HI. With a heavy sigh and oo here we go again I accepted his chat request. Within 5 mins of chatting Paul had me smiling and laughing. Since the 16/1/2011 I haven,t stopped smiling.

We met up on the 29/1/2011 and although we were strangers we both felt like we had known each other for years. Within a couple of hours in each others company we both knew that we were meant for each other.
Although we lived 91 miles apart we worked hard at maintaining a long distance relationship which has paid off.

On paper we should not have been such a perfect match, we both wanted someone more local, I wanted a non smoker,Paul wanted a smoker. It just goes to show that we should be more open to variations. In fact we had both changed our profiles that day to reflect this. So glad that we made contact before the changes kicked in!
After spending quite a lot of time together and traveling up and down the country, we decided we wanted to be together and made the decision to become a proper living togther couple.
Paul packed up his life said good bye to his friends and family and on the 1/8/2011 we started our new life together.

Although the time and distance was sometimes hard to cope with we both wanted the same thing - each other!!
Neither of us were prepared for the wonderful journey we have been on during the last 7 months, but we are now prepared, excited and looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.
With blessing and support from both sets of family and friends we are embracing our new life together.
The hours apart gave us the chance to talk open and honestly about our past, present and what we wanted from each other and where we wanted our future to be. TOGETHER!!

Thanks to Oasis we have a wonderful relationship and have both been given the chance to love and be loved again. xxx


Shy Attraction.

I had been on this site on and off for about 18 months, and was getting no where. So in early April I decided I was going to delete my account when I cam across his page.

I didnt think we would hit off. I added him and he accepted me. We started talking like we already knew each other. We spoke every afternoon for hours on end and on weekends. Then we decided to meet. He said he was shy but I didnt believe it.

We met in the city to go and see a movie, he barely spoke to me so I made all the conversation. I left after the movie thinking he was like everyone else and just wasnt interested in me. He texted me an hour later saying " I want to see you again, come to my birthday next week?" I told him I was unsure because I didnt want to go alone.
Last minute I said yes and ended up going down for it. All his friends were telling me how excited he was that I was coming cause we were always texting or talking. Later that night he offered me his bed and we cuddled. I asked him if I could kiss him and he said "yes".

The next weekend after talking all week and admitting we liked each other he came to mine and spent the weekend with me and my family. My parents loved him!

I soon then realized I want him to be mine. On the 27th of May the week after, he asked me out. He texted me through the week and said "I have something for you, you can keep it, but you cant take it home with you... all the time" I was confused, on that friday night we were in bed cuddling and kiss and I asked him " whats my gift?" and he goes " me...will you be my girlfriend?" I was so happy and couldnt believe it.

We have now been together for 2 months and never been happier he treats me like princess and makes me feel beautiful. We have plans to move in together.
I can't dare say that I will fall in love with him!


John and I :)

We met through oasis active in August 2009 and started talking, we hit it off straight away, I had been talking to a few other guys as well but instantly I knew he was different, he was genuine, funny and kind.

In November 2009 we finally decided we would meet up (first time meeting someone off of the Internet for both of us) we were both so nervous but it felt like we'd known each other for years. The conversation flowed freely it was so much better meeting the man of my dreams in person.

We have now been together 20 months and we have recently got engaged and are planning our wedding for early 2014. Without Oasis I wouldn't have met the man of my dreams who makes me the happiest woman in the world :D

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