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After a long haul of dateing on many websites I decided to try the one that was free, and to this very day i cannot believe how easy it was to find each other.

Honesty is the best policy guys no matter what anyone says.

We both, on many occasions were put through bad dates and liars but it all paid off in only 6 months of online searching and persisting to find what we wanted.

Moved in together within 5 months of dateing, Engaged on our first anniversary of meeting,and here we are 2 years since we met, we are now planning our wedding in Fiji in 2012 and more than ready to start our family together.

Keep persisting guys its worth the wait and put all those negative relationships behind you and try it!! You will never look back.
lots of love and hope...Diamond Butterfly & Bear Hug xxxx


Please Check Out My Profile....

I had only been on Oasis for a couple of months and had almost given up, when a request came my way.

'Please check out my profile', as I started to read, I liked what it said. No photo was displayed and even though I never really took much notice of profiles with no photo, this one was different and we started to chat.

He called me 2 days later, we met in person 3 days after, and we were officially together the day after that. He moved in with me 2 weeks later and we were engaged after 2 months.

He is the one I've dreamt of since I was a little girl but I never thought in my wildest dreams that he actually existed. A huge thank you to my sister Pam for introducing me to Oasis but Thank you so much Oasis for helping me find my gorgeous man.

Ps We are planning to get married within the next 3 months.


At Last!

At the age of 24, I thought I would never find my first love.

I saw the advertisements on TV and decided to join. I got talking to various men but nothing clicked until I got chatting to this one guy. There was an instant connection. We talked online for a while and then decided to have a chat on the phone. The connection was still there. We decided to catch up some time after this and it was wonderful.

We have been together for three months now and I feel so glad to have met someone I have so much in common with. Well worth the wait.


Love at Last!

I had been divorced for 4 years, and was visiting my daughter in W A.
She suggested that I put my name on a dating site....I was a bit dubious, but I let her do my makeup and she took some shots. Her partner suggested Oasis Active as he had heard it was a free site...

She posted my photo and signed me up.. I answered a few calls when I returned to Brisbane but the first 3 men I met were nice but not RIGHT for me.

The 4th time I met a queensland bus driver and we just clicked. We got engaged 4 months later and are now getting married on the 24th September..

I think this site is great
Number one: Because it is free
Number two: because I met My gorgeous man through this site.

I never thought I would ever be so happy.. Now we have a full and wonderful life to share together.


Finally someone who really cares!

My partner and I met on Oasis about 11 months ago and are very much in love.
We have had trials and tests in our lives and have supported each other, sharing our new journey together.

Of course there are the normal grumbles, as we only get to spend the weekends with each other and our families, we worked extra hard on keeping communications open. We would share our day with each other by phone. We have even bought phones that allow us to video call each other.
At the moment we are planning our move in together for a long happy life.

We are both so very happy and glad we met on your site.
Thanks Oasis

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