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A new life.

After my marriage of 27yrs ended and then 2 years of singledom I decided to try the Oasis dating site and only after a couple of months found the most wonderful man.

We have been together for 12 months now and it has been the best time in my life. We just clicked straight away with many things in common and his family have accepted me into their lives.

Thank you oasis...


It does happen!

I was on Oasis for about 11 months. I sent a contact request to this guy that had the most amazing blue eyes in his photos. I thought he probably won’t reply. I was so happy when he accepted my contact request.

I sent him a message "Hello" when I saw him online, he did not reply. Oh well maybe he was in a conversation with someone else - that was ok.

The next day I did the same thing, again no reply. I started to think "what's this guy's up to".

The third day I saw him online and thought if he doesn't say hello to me I am going to delete him. He was about 30 seconds away from going to the delete file when he stared writing. We chatted online for about 30 mins, he asked me if I wanted to meet him for a pizza & drink that night. I didn't usually meet guys that quickly but for some reason thought why not, what have I got to lose.

We met and talked for close to 5 hours that night. Went out on 3 dates in 6 days - On the 2nd date he asked me what we were going to do on our 4th date. I said what about the 3rd date, his reply was "that is just a formality; I want to know about the 4th date." I knew then there was a connection.

We have now been together for a year and could not be happier. Thanks Oasis.


I've found my Mr Right!

I had been on Oasis for five months and wasn’t finding my Mr Right, there was know deep connections.

I got talking to this guy and we just clicked! He is now moving in with me and my children, I feel like the luckiest women alive, we have been so happy in our relationship and he has just proposed to me, of course said Yes.

Thank you to Oasis for finding my Mr Right.


Happy Together!

I'd been on Oasis for 6 months and finally a "nice" guy contacts me. We chatted briefly before we met one Sunday afternoon.

I was a little apprehensive as he was an Engineer and a widower. I sensed something about him that I wasn't quite sure what it was, now I know him, and it was that he’s a "grown up" man. It is wonderful to be with a man who knows who he is; he is very wise, fun to be with and knows how to spoil me terribly.

We have a lot in common and have some weird connections from our past. Obviously it was not until now that we were supposed to meet and live our lives together. So yes girls it is never too late to meet the man of your dreams, even when you are over 50 years old!


Oasis really does work!

I have always been a bit sceptical about internet dating but thanks to Oasis it finally happened and I couldn't be happier.

I had been chatting to a wonderful woman and we just clicked. She agreed to meet me and now I'm a new man.

Thanks Oasis.

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