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Happily Married!

I was on Oasis on and off for ages, trying to find the man of my dreams.... I was 36 years old and almost giving up hope of finding that special person that would make my life complete.

I had just deleted my profile after sifting through hundreds of losers, and then I decided to give it one more try... and the first guy that I chatted to seemed almost normal, almost nice.... almost perfect!

And he then confided in me that I was the first girl he had decided to chat to. And then it happened! We decided to meet... and it was love at first sight.

The night we met, we didn't even want to kiss... we were both so scared we were going to jinx the magic, but as we said goodnight, I kissed him...and we never looked back.

Within a year, we were married. We both never thought we would ever meet such wonderful, perfectly matched, and lifelong partners. We certainly never expected to meet on an online dating service.

But we did...and we will forever be grateful for Oasis.


Loved found from across the world..

I came to Australia from Brazil and decided to create a profile to meet new people. When I came across the profile of LZ86.

We started talking and then within a few weeks had arranged to meet. The first time we met there was an instant attraction from both of us. As we started to see each other more I had to go back to Brazil.

When I returned after 2 weeks away, in October, we started to see each other every day. In January I asked her to marry me, and she said YES. By April we were married and had planned to go to Brazil in June to have a second wedding in front of my family and friends.

Now we have found out we will be expecting our first baby together in March 2012. When we both joined oasis, we were hoping to find love but never thought we would find what we have found and now expecting our first child.

Thank you Oasis Active.


My True Love!

I came on Oasis to find the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, to settle down and start a family.

After having my heart broken again and again, I have finally found the one. We started talking two and a half months ago on here and decided to finally meet. We have now been together for two months, and they are the most amazing two months of my life.

She is so supportive, caring, kind and generous. I consider myself extremely lucky to have her. She is everything to me and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

Coming on here was the best thing I have ever done. Do not give up hope, because there is someone out there for everyone!


True Love

I joined Oasis after coming out of a bad 18 month relationship.

I had come on just to make new friends and after being on here for about 2 weeks I started to chat with a really nice guy.

As we got to know each other, I slowly started to fall for him. We decided to make a time to meet up. When we did, I knew that he was the guy for me; he had a sweet and caring personality which was unlike anyone I had ever met before.

We have now been together for 2 months and I couldn't be happier. I am so glad that I came on this site, and now we can spend the rest of our lives together.


True Love!

Well I gave this website a go with an open mind, and sure enough I met someone.

After a while of talking online we agreed it was the right time to meet in person and see how things went. She had a housewarming party with friends and invited me over so I thought it'd be a nice, relaxing environment to get to know each other.

We met up and just clicked immediately, I loved everything about her, her sense of humour, her smile, the way i felt around her. During the night I spent time with her and her friends, and loved every single second of it.

We became close and have spent a lot more time together since that first night. The more I get to know her, just makes me love her more and I spend every second of every day thinking about her and how happy we make each other.

No matter how much I know about her, how many times I look into her eyes, how many nights we walk hand in hand. I'll always count down the days until I’m next with her. I know the term 'soul mate' is thrown around a lot these days but its how i feel about her. She is, and always will be the one for me. I'm a better person for knowing her and just know that with her I’m complete.

We make each other so happy and I never want it to end.
I love you darling, thank you for coming into my life.

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