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Just Married!

I want to say Thank you to, I met my husband here in January 2011 and we just got married on the 8th of November 2011.

He didn’t have a profile picture so I was hesitant when we first met up, I waited for 2 hours watching for some who matched the description as he might not have been my type.

He was still waiting for me after the 2 hours and when I was asking where he was on the phone I realised I was already in front of him as the words "I got you" came from behind me.

From then on we went out constantly; I knew he was the man for me!

Thanks you Oasis...


Who would of thought?

I came on the site purely out of boredom and curiosity. I met a few people that who have been on dates with people they met on this site and thought I'd give it a go.

I never thought I’d find the most amazing man I have even met. He's everything I have always wanted and everything I didn't know I wanted. To this day I'm still shocked that I found such a person over the internet. I was so uncertain about it being a young female, to meet with men I had never met. It took me 6 month of going on and off the site till I spoke to someone who was just PERFECT! We met up and I was so blooming nervous!

Going on dates with him was the best experience and soon we forgot how we met each other. We are now together and I have never ever been as happy as I am now. He is my best friend and I'm so glad I took a leap of faith in the site and him.


My Mr right!

I met a few people on here and all seemed to be fake. Just as I was giving up, some strange guy (who takes photos off himself in the mirror) wanted to make contact, I went to decline thinking time to give up but that smiling face I had to except.

We started talking and found out we had loads in common it was then that sparks started to fly. We met about a week later and the sparks where still there. Now we are planning our future together

Thank you Oasis for bringing me my prince.


A million thank you's

I would have never believed it, I have found the perfect match and we are very much in love thanks to Oasis.

I was looking for a local girl, but found myself looking at a contact request from a girl thousands of miles away in China. I visit China a fair bit with work, so decided to accept her request and see where it took me.

I've been on a fantastic journey of falling in love with a girl who feels the same way. We sent dozens of emails, and so many text messages. We started to talk on Skype, followed by an unforgettable meeting in Shanghai. I have been back to China several times, and soon she will come here for a couple of months. We are already getting engaged to be married next week, and hope to marry next year so we can be together forever and raise a family.

We are both so very happy now, and if it wasn't for Oasis I would never have found her, and the happiness that I enjoy so much now.

Thank you!!


Getting married!

Thank you Oasis

We met on your site, from memory, March 2008. I will never forget the day we met… about 3pm at Cronulla Beach as we both lived that way. Instant attraction and we were both very nervous but very excited.

We had a coffee at the Ice Creamery and then walked and walked along the esplanade. He invited me to his favourite restaurant for dinner the following night then rang earlier that day and asked me for coffee.

He turned up with flowers and became my dream date. "Pre-ordered" the seafood platter for two and asked if he could kiss me for the first time and stood up and leant across the table to deliver a soft lipped tender kiss.

Three years later, we've had our ups and downs as is reality but we have learned to understand each other and this Friday (11/11/11) we will have a very quiet and personal, loving wedding in Brisbane. We will be eternally grateful to Oasis.

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