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More than I was searching for!

I came to looking for new friends to talk to, when I met this one person that I just clicked with! We hung out a few times, going to the movies, went walking up mountains and getting to know each other.

That’s when I realised I actually had feelings for him! A month later we had an amazing date at Byron bay, including a long walk up to the lighthouse, pizza, ice-cream and walks along the beach.

We made it official sitting on the beach watching a pod of dolphins playing. He is such an amazing person and I'm thankful to Oasis for giving me the opportunity to meet him!


Two Very Happy People!

We wrote these a while ago and tomorrow will be 2 years since we met so this is a perfect time to post this:

My Story:
As soon as I started talking to him, I knew that this was different, I can't really explain it but I just knew. It was all banter with a hint of flirtation and just basically getting to know each other as well as making me laugh so so much!

After weeks of chatting, he asked for my number and we met up in August 2012 on the sunniest day ever - I was so nervous but excited too and as soon as he phoned me to tell me he was outside my house, I completely melted and then again when I saw him! I just remember thinking he is completely lush!

Our first date was so simple but perfect - we went to a beach with my new puppy, sat on a rock and talked for hours! There was never an awkward moment and the conversation flowed like we had known each other for years! I nearly missed my friends party because we didn't realise how quickly time had gone by and by the end of our date, my cheeks were actually hurting from all the smiling!
There was no doubt in my mind that we would see each other again and that's exactly what happened.

We now live together and will be celebrating our 2 year 'gay day' this year - he has made me the happiest that I have ever been and so much more. I cannot wait and for everything else that we will do together in the future! Thank you for helping me meet this amazing man who I am completely in love with and is now my best friend forever x

His Story:
Having been single for many years and become fed up of meeting people only on nights out, I decided to give online dating a try. I signed up whilst admittedly being a little hungover and feeling sorry for myself that I had been single so long and that I was not meeting anyone who was remotely right for me.

I was fairly sceptical and had low expectations of the site, after initially mainly receiving contact from people who were looking for an easy one night stand and nothing more, which did not interest me. I then began chatting to the most beautiful girl I had ever laid my eyes upon and we just instantly clicked. Chatting online brought an instant smile to my face and we chatted for weeks online, the conversation never got awkward, was always full of banter with of course a little flirting attached.

We arranged to meet and our first date would be a walk on the beach. The weather thankfully was fantastic (for once), and we simply chatted, smiled, chatted, smiled for hours and hours. It really was the best date I had ever been on. We said goodbye at the end of the date and I simply knew there and then that this was the girl I wanted to be with forever.

We have now moved in together and have so many exciting plans for the future. I could not have dreamed of meeting a girl that I had so much chemistry with, and we really do have an amazing, strong, respectful, committed, caring, faithful, and loving relationship together. I really have fallen in love with a girl who is also the best friend I have ever had and will have.

Thank you!


Happiness comes to us all

I joined Oasis Dating a couple of years ago and didn’t expect to meet anyone let alone my perfect match! I got chatting to a guy online and after a while of good conversations we finally exchanged numbers and then decided to meet up. Now 2 years on we happy as ever and looking to the future.
Thank you Oasis x


Two becomes Three!

In July 2012 after being on Oasis for about a year I spoke to this guy, we chatted maybe once or twice and he gave me his number which I saved in my phone but it never went anywhere. At the end of October I was extremely bored one Monday night and messaged every random number in my phone, a few guys replied but this one guy, well we hit it off and by the Friday of that week we met.

We weren't official for about 4 months but still saw each other regularly and have been practically inseparable ever since to our surprise last December I found out that I was pregnant and now this wonderful man and I are expecting our first child any day now!

After having a not so great experience with an ex, I'm glad I didn't give up or I would have not met the father to my child! The best decision of my life :)


Love at Last!

I joined Oasis Dating nearly three years ago now; I was just looking for people to talk to initially.

I met my other half a few months after joining the site, and I have to say I have Never been happier! I have finally found the one person who gets me; I know I am going to share a long and happy life with.

We didn't really have much in common to start, but he decided to say hi anyway, and I am so thankful he did. I firmly believe this is a positive case of opposites attract!!

Thank you Oasis, you made it so easy ... And to my partner, thank you for making the first move! I would thoroughly recommend and have recommended Oasis to my single friends. Wonderful!!

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