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Despite living thousands of miles apart

My boyfriend and I lived on different continents when we connected via Oasis. We'd both done a lot with our lives at only 23 and 24 but we were still missing a good friend and romance. I was also totally fed up of the whole clubbing, meeting and never texting back again scene.

He was in Africa and I was in England and to be honest I had no idea how it could work, but we had an amazing connection and life took care of the rest. Our families both lived in Somerset and we were both unhappy with our jobs.

Within 3 months we lived 20 miles apart. 2 years later, I'm glad I took this chance and I'm glad something small like a few thousand miles didn't put me off. I found my very best friend, my lover and my partner in crime. And we always text each other back!


Strange Beginnings

Late 2013 I met a user on Oasis dating, when we first connected we barely got to chat online at the same time, we ended up always leaving each other brief banter but never any real conversations.

One day we happened to be online at same time after on and off talking for about a month, I suggested after looking over his profile properly for the first time that since I was alone at my family home all week due to my parents being in NZ and him being a local I had surprisingly never met before or seen (most likely due to being 4 years older) that he should come over.

He was with his best friend and I was really nervous about meeting him, but he seemed really chill so his friend and he came over hesitantly. We now joke about it a lot because they weren't sure if I was even a real profile as they hadn't ever heard of me or seen me around. They were half expecting me to be a 40 year old man I suppose. They came in and I offered them a drink and introduced myself properly, as did they and we all hung out rather comfortably and I made pancakes for us and we watched movies they brought over.

His friend left after dessert and the two of us got acquainted, I asked if he would like to stay. We were both pretty shy though so we were next to each other and hadn't made any moves. It took us two days to get cuddly and he ended up staying at my place the entire week which somehow ended up to becoming a relationship.

We have now been inseparable for 6 months and have our battles but we can't seem to stay away long. Since first meeting him I would like to think that I have been a positive influence and he seems a lot more out of his shell now than the person he was when I met him. I feel like I am constantly growing and learning lots about myself along the way too and only hope we get closer and stronger and help and learn to support each other and become what each other needs as time goes on.

We are getting a kitten together soon, I think it will be a good way to test our parental instincts and how we work as a team in looking after it. Not that we are planning anything yet! Just will give me more indication of where the relationship is going!

Thank you for helping bring us together! I feel so happy


Love at Last!

We started chatting on this site at the end of January and met on the 10 February. We have not looked back since!

We are soulmates. This guy is so crazy and mad but I love him so much as I know he loves me too. Thank you for bringing us together!


Found "The One"

I joined Oasis Dating in March and within 24 hours I started talking to the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with!!!

At the time I thought it was too good to be true but after we met up I knew this was the real thing! He was completely the same to talk to in person, which was refreshing and we can talk for hours!

We now live together and every day is filled with so much happiness! I would definitely recommend Oasis to anyone that is unlucky in love because I know it works!!!


I finally found her!

It's taken so many years including a full 13 months living on the other side of the country, then to come home to realise the one I had been looking for was in my home town all along! I had been quite uncertain about the prospect of online dating and I wouldn't have joined Oasis if it wasn't for my curiosity.

I signed up and began looking for what I had hoped to be life partner. I had spoken to a couple of people, and met in person only 1 of them (to which that didn't work). However there was another person in particular I had found myself looking at but feeling a sense of shyness about contacting.

Then one day I chose to go for it and contact her. I should add at this point I had not uploaded any pictures of myself as I was quite shy, so anyway I contacted this girl only to be rejected on the basis that I had not uploaded a picture!

So after a small time I realised it had to be done. Therefore I uploaded a picture and contacted her again. Success!! She responded and we began talking. The interests we had were remarkable. Things from the fact we had kids (bear in mind this was what we both were keen on), movies, tv shows and even sporting interests (NRL).

I gave her my phone number one afternoon on the instant messenger feature of Oasis, only to be contacted by text message within record time. We then felt right to meet in person that week.

A place was chosen and a time was set. She was waiting for me at a table at a cafe and oh my god I couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. I said hi and then sat down. We spoke for 2 hours which was the same time it took for me to drink a water.
Afterwards we walked to her car where we kissed for the first time. Now here we are a handful of months later and we are engaged to be married this year. She is my true love and it's all thanks to Oasis.

True love can be found. I once never thought it possible but then this happened and we both could not be happier. Thank you for connecting us together.

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