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Happy Couple!

I had been on before and had a serious relationship that unfortunately didn’t last, and found myself back on the site.

Soon after joining again I was talking to another potential, we met up to see how things went in person. We had a beautiful meal out and we took off like a jet!!!

To date we are now living together and we are planning our first holiday and our wedding!
Thank you to Oasis Dating!


Soulmate found

After being married for 36 years and then divorcing, I found it hard to do the dating thing again. I had no confidence and was a bit shy, so I found the thought of a dating site a bit scary, until a friend of mine convinced me to join Oasis. I did and started going on a few coffee dates and soon found out there were a lot of lonely people out there just like me. I wasn't looking for a relationship just wanted friendship with good company.

On one such coffee date I met a lovely man who was widowed, he too was only looking for friendship. We had a few coffee dates, then we went on dinner dates and we found we had a lot in common and the same interests. We soon became good friends and decided not to date other people and be a couple... That was nearly 3 years ago and now we live together and have a wonderful life of fun, love, laughter and happiness!

You will always find on all these dating sites some weird and wonderful people, But you just never know, you just might find Mr Right... Like I did!


True love

I was on this site for a few years and was giving up, then the light of my life showed up now I can't live without him!

He is my shining star and wouldn't know where I would be without him. We are so happy and are planning our future, moving in, getting married and having kids together so exiting!

Thanks Oasis!


Happily Ever After!

I had been on Oasis for a year or so and never had any luck finding Mr Right. I nearly gave up searching for him until Mr Right came along!

At the time I never knew he was Mr Right and I was dating another man who I thought was Mr Right. Sorry for all the Mr Rights! We had been chatting for at least 6 months before we eventually met up and I wasn't sure I liked him as he was quite persistent which I didn't like.

I discovered that the type of man I was going for was actually not the type of man I liked. So I met up with him a second time and found I liked how persistent he was. Before I met Mr Right I always said I would never get married or have kids but he's changed my mind. I am now glad he was persistent because we have been together for 2 years, been married for 6 weeks and we are expecting our first child in October!

Thank you Oasis for helping me find my Soulmate.


Finally I'm home

In 2010 I was on Oasis after separating from my ex. I was happy on my own but wanted to meet somebody fun to hang out with. I was very surprised when I met my guy. We chatted for half an hour, clicked immediately and he asked me out on a date.

I had a friend trail me and eat in the same restaurant to make sure I was safe. Once she saw how we were getting along she knew I would be ok and left before the date ended.

He proposed at our first date meeting place a year later, took me to meet his family in the UK, supported me through the Brisbane Floods when I lost everything, moved with me to be closer to my family, we got married in 2012 and now we have a beautiful baby girl.

Thanks to OASIS I found my soul mate.

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