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Long distance love comes together!

It was August 18th, 2010 when I stumbled upon the most amazing girl from the Philippines. I get that most people don’t believe in such nonsense, that long distance relationship wouldn't ever work out, But if you find the right person in life it can work out as ours did!

It took us awhile to get to know each other. Our journey together from Oasis extended quickly to Facebook then Skype and soon later phone calls! We always seemed to be texting and messaging each other but had not yet considered a relationship because of the beliefs and long distance.

It took one year of being in touch before we met in real life on the 15th of August 2011! My whole family were able to meet my now wife too!

By 2013 we tied the knot! We made the move for her to settle with me here! We hope to have our own family soon! If it wasn't for Oasis I wouldn't have met the most amazing girl in the world! Cheers Oasis!


Simply the Best!

After viewing many frogs I found my prince on Oasis! It didn't take long before phone numbers were exchanged and a few chit chats then meeting for coffee. Twenty minutes later I knew he was special!

Happily together for two months and getting stronger every day! Looking forward to a bright future together!


Happily Ever After

We both had been on Oasis for quiet sometime before we found each other. Once we had chatted we quickly exchanged phone numbers and decided to meet up! We both enjoyed each other’s company and now today we can’t live without one another!

We understand each other and have got on so well, we have both been waiting for a happy ending and we have found it!

We would not change one another for the world! Thank you Oasis for giving us the chance to meet!


The Ultimatum

Once upon a time there was a lonely girl. She met a funny, charismatic, sexy, kind man online via

She was reluctant to meet him, scared that he may be just like the rest, he gave her an ultimatum “meet me tonight... I’ll be here for an hour”. She was incredibly attracted to him, drawn to his irresistible charm. She said “I’ll be there”.

As she walked towards him she prayed he'd meet all of her expectations... He did! His manner was gentle, his kiss was passionate and he was her prince charming. He carried her to a place of happiness and devotion and in that one night their destiny was fulfilled!

She fell in love with him so deeply from that night, loved him like she had never loved another. He devoted his life to her, she was his bliss and he her heaven to touch and they lived happily ever after!


My forever after wife!

I met my wife on Oasis Dating in 2011. I went to live down where she lived in Somerset and then we moved back up North as both our families’ live up here.

We got married on the 14th February, Valentine's Day, 2012 and we are really happy together, we are also now trying for a baby!

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